Unn is a massive slug NPC found in a pool of acid in the southwest portion of the Lake of Unn. Landing next to this pool will cause Unn to rise up, stare at The Knight for a moment, and then spit out the Shape of Unn Charm before sinking back into the water. After this event, it is not seen again.



Unn can be found in a secret room under the Lake of Unn.

Unn location-0


  • The temple-like structure at the edge of the Lake of Unn suggests that Unn was worshipped as some form of deity.
  • Unn is the only NPC in the game that has no dialogue, either spoken or through the Dream Nail.
  • Since Unn does not speak, nor can they be hit with the Dream Nail, it is unknown whether Unn has sapience like the other NPCs or is simply a beast.
    • According to some Lore Tablets around Greenpath, those who strayed too far would "face the law of Unn," suggesting some form of higher cognition.
    • Dream Nail dialogue from Moss Knights, Mosskin, and and Volatile Mosskin suggest that Unn is calling them somehow.
    • Unn is also hinted at within the Lore Tablets to be the source of all the vegetation in Greenpath.