• New languages: German (Beta), Spanish (Beta), Simplified Chinese (Beta), Korean (Beta).
  • Fixed issue where some boss/NPC names weren't displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Quick Map shortcut could cause errors while entering/leaving scenes (for real).
  • Slight adjustments to White Palace respawn locations.


  • Enemy behaviour adjustments.
  • Cutscene refinements.

  • Added beta support for Simplified Chinese and German
  • Fixed issue where Dung Defender did not react to Dream Nail during battle
  • Fixed issue where Quick Map shortcut could cause errors while entering/leaving scenes


  • Fixes to enemy dreams
  • Various particle effect fixes
  • Various SFX/Music fixes

  • Added initial language menu on first game launch
  • Fixed issue where charms that increase nail*slash size didn’t apply while wallsliding.
  • Fixed issue where in*game timer displayed incorrect playtime.


  • Fixed issue where Soul Twister’s orb projectiles could get stuck in mid-air permanently
  • Various adjustments to Hollow Shade spawn positions
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck behind a gate in Greenpath.
  • Fixed issue where menu wouldn’t allow start of a new game in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue where doublejump would fire instead of normal jump, resulting in a lame floaty jump.
  • Fixed display issue for Shade Marker on map.
  • Fixed issue where Hornet’s needle hitbox could stay active if stunned mid-attack.
  • Fixed issue where super*dashing or quaking into a Vessel Fragment or Mask Fragment produced strange results.
  • Fixed issue where rage-quitting during death sequence could leave impatient players with missing Geo but no Shade.
  • Fixed Dream Dialogue not displaying correctly in late-game area.
  • Fixed issue where quaking down into another scene caused a second loss of Soul.
  • Fixed issue where player couldn’t super*dash from the very edge of a platform.
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck behind a gate in White Palace.
  • Fixed issue where Shade music could be faintly heard at incorrect times.
  • Slight amendment to Uumuu battle. No longer causes a large knockback while shrivelled. Increased HP a little to compensate.
  • Fixed an issue where stunning Dung Defender early left you fighting him without his extremely good theme playing in the background.
  • Increased Fury of the Fallen’s damage multiplier from x1.5 to x1.75.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect congratulations message was displaying after finishing game on Steel Soul mode.
  • Fixed issue where breakable wall near a Hive exit could get the hero stuck moving left automatically.
  • Fixed issue where map screen could be accessed without actually acquiring the map first.
  • Fixed issue where striking a Warrior Dream with the Dream Nail as their ‘defeat’ animation plays could cause a soft*lock under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where footsteps could be heard during cutscenes
  • Fixed issue where white flames weren’t showing on enemy corpses when they were killed by spell.
  • Slight refinements to map room display
  • Various enemy fixes
  • Various interface/menu fixes
  • Various SFX/Music fixes
  • Various graphical fixes
  • Small optimisations to enemy damage effects.

  • Fixed issue where trigger for Zote event could be skipped.

  • Fixed issue where Failed Champion dealt incorrect damage after being stunned
  • Improved performance in some targeted scenes, for lower end machines.
  • Made Quickmap double-tap shortcut easier to register and made it work while sitting at benches

  • Fixed an issue where dying just as you defeat your Shade could produce some odd results.
  • Fixed an issue where Giant Hoppers ignored damage-over-time effects such as spores.
  • Fixed soft-lock issue that could occur before fighting Broken Vessel.


  • Improved hitbox on Broken Vessel projectiles (don’t worry, we made them more lenient).
  • Fixed issue where a lift could stretch out player’s x-scale temporarily.
  • Fixed issue where player couldn’t pause during first fight with a late-game boss
  • Fixed Grub Mimic persistence issue.
  • Fixed issue with Shade spawning underground in a certain area
  • Fixed an NPC name display bug
  • Fixed an issue with Vengeful Spirit dissipating incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where a blank dialogue could cause a soft-lock
  • Fixed an issue where Flukemarm was invulnerable to Scream spell
  • Fixed an enemy damage effect display issue
  • Improved recycling system for certain effect objects
  • Minor map fixes
  • Additional sound improvements
  • Minor Game Text fixes

  • Fixed an issue where player could Superdash in mid-air
  • Lore clarification for Deepnest Stagway
  • Fixed an issue where game could crash at load of main menu for machines with low RAM


  • Further performance optimisations
  • Initial implementation of French language setting (add run command -forcelang at launch to enable)
  • Fixed inaccurate hitbox on Traitor Lord
  • Added a check to tram system that ensures an error can’t place it at a non-existent station
  • Fixed a display issue with Blue Hiveblood HP
  • Fixed an acid pool in Fog Canyon that respawned the Knight outside the tilemap
  • Fixed a certain gate taking damage as though it were an enemy
  • Changed the way lifts alter the player’s physics, to avoid scenarios where player can get through walls
  • Fixed a double-up of Iselda’s voice when she has no stock
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter’s Journal entry for Elder Baldur could be missed. For existing files, if a single Elder Baldur has been killed, journal note is awarded
  • When sitting on the ground, HUD now hides itself. Very atmospheric (eventually we’ll make a button that hides HUD… Hopefully)
  • Game now auto-saves when Delicate Flower is broken. This may seem harsh, but it will make victory a lot sweeter. Please understand.
  • Improved effects in an NPC cutscene
  • Fixed missing Salubra title
  • Fixed an issue where, after superdashing between scenes, player’s body wouldn’t break objects.
  • Fixed a dodgy Camera Lock in White Palace
  • Fixed an issue where player could respawn inside White Palace after completing it, forcing them to backtrack in order to leave
  • Fixed an issue where a Heavy Sentry could spawn outside of a battle room in Isma’s Grove.
  • Increased enemy knockback on Great Slash and Dash Slash
  • Added an extra check for Charms equipped, so if a player’s filled notches count is set incorrectly by an error, opening the inventory will recalculate and correct the count
  • Fixed an error where Grubfather would sometimes give out less Geo than he should.
  • Fixed hitch when entering water
  • Fixed an issue where Mawlek’s attack pattern could get stuck in a loop
  • Added some flies eager for exciting new scents
  • Various small scene fixes
  • Various audio improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue where opening full map via Quickmap shortcut while in a late game area caused a game-freeze
  • Fixed an animation error on player character when exiting a late-game cutscene
  • Fixed Shrumish Ogre persistence issue
  • Fixed an issue where hitting Zote with Dreamnail during his battle cry made him invincible, which he doesn’t deserve.
  • Decreased heap size allocation at start-up.

  • Fixed issue where Soul Master’s shockwave attack would sometimes not spawn
  • Fixed issue with sfx not playing correctly on some breakable one-way walls
  • Fixed issue for some players whereby collecting a mask fragment would white out the screen


  • Fixed display bug for cages in Colosseum of Fools
  • Fixed bug on exiting Trial in the Colosseum of Fools that caused player to become stuck behind metal grate
  • Fixed a dialogue issue for Iselda
  • Fixed sound effects playing on incorrect mixer and thus being unaffected by in-game audio setting
  • Fixed issue where Speed Completion achievement was not being awarded correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Thorns of Agony charm not firing correctly when taking damage with inventory open
  • Increased Geo reward for defeating Entombed Husk
  • Fixed inaccurate hitbox on Broken Vessel/Lost Kin when stunned
  • Fixed issue in City of Tears where entering a battle room from the left spawned an enemy outside of room
  • Fixed an issue where Lifeseeds and their cocoons couldn’t be damaged by Grubberfly beam

  • Fixed issue where defeating Crystal Guardian and then immediately dying prevented his bench from becoming useable.
  • Fixed issue where defeating Crystal Guardian (rematch) and then immediately dying prevented Battle Gate from staying open.
  • Fixed City Crest in statue displaying over player.


  • Fixed issue with Isma’s Grove battle gates not re-opening on re-entry.
  • Fixed players being able to escape tilemap in Abyss Dream.
  • Increased Cyclone Slash size
  • Fixed intermittent frame-flickering on certain enemies
  • Fixed inventory button not opening inventory on Logitech F310 in X mode.
  • Added anticipation SFX to certain enemy attacks
  • Further optimisations
  • Optimisation: New pooling system for spawned enemies
  • Fixed gramatical, and, spelling errers in Game Text
  • Fixed Hive Husk displaying incorrect Enemy Dream text
  • Added additional SFX to Husk Hive
  • Increased Geo awarded by Husk Hive
  • Added additional SFX to Hive Soldier
  • Fixed an issue where player could travel up through an unbroken window in Soul Sanctum, causing game freeze
  • Fixed Gruz Mother sometimes turning into a weird, stretched-out fatty when dying in the Colosseum
  • Increased Notch Cost of Quick Slash charm to 3 (affects new files only)
  • Slightly decreased invulnerability time for Stalwart Shell charm
  • Improved recycling system for frequently recycled objects
  • Fixed an issue where Hornet was knocked out of the arena on being defeated, robbing the player of a hard-won victory
  • Fixed an issue locking players out of Distant Village event
  • Fixed an issue where getting hit with Inventory open and Thorns of Agony equipped caused a game-freeze
  • Fixed an issue with lifts in City of Tears becoming inoperable
  • Fixed issue with Grubberfly beams firing upward and downwards with Joni’s Blessing equipped, regardless of health remaining
  • Fixed an issue with Red Grubberfly beams being fired with Joni’s Blessing/Grubberfly Elegy/Fury charms equipped, regardless of health remaining
  • Fixed a Battle Scene in White Palace being triggered prematurely
  • Fixed Failed Champion’s dream remaining accessible after his defeat
  • Fixed fader stuttering in City lift scenes
  • Fixed an issue where Failed Champion’s battle could be triggered prematurely
  • Increased effect of Soul Eater charm
  • Fixed a lever in White Palace that could be poked through its gate
  • Fixed an issue with the Warrior Dream’s sprite lingering on after defeat
  • Fixed an issue where player couldn’t jump out of water when up against some walls
  • Fixed an issue where player could get locked back into a City room upon return
  • Fixed an issue where progress past a Kingsmold battle was blocked by an unopening gate in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where dying on a conveyor belt could cause the effect to persist on respawn
  • Fixed an issue where roar lock could persist after death
  • Fixed issue where shade summoned by Jiji becomes invulnerable
  • Fixed an issue where Hornet’s needle’s hitbox could remain after she’s stunned
  • Fixed an issue where player could perform actions while respawning from a hazard
  • Fixed an issue where player could become invulnerable when blocking a hit with Baldur Shell
  • Fixed an issue where Soul could be reimbursed incorrectly when focusing with Shape of Unn equipped
  • Fixed the spike respawn location in Soul Tyrant battle to be inside the battle arena.
  • Fixed map display for Sharp Shade room showing the whole room whilst only able to access its entrance.
  • Remodelled a wall in the White Palace that allowed a challenge to be bypassed.
  • Fixed 2 spike pits in Deepnest that respawned the player outside the map.
  • Numerous small scene fixes.

  • Reduced slowdown issues around Failed Tramway.
  • Initial optimisation improvements.
  • Added Cornifer ambient hum and paper trail.


  • Fixed Soul Vessel sometimes not displaying on first collect.
  • Fix for Kingdom’s Edge soft-lock.
  • Fixed Geo collection slow-down.
  • Fixed Quick Cast keyboard map not saving between play sessions.
  • Increased effects on colosseum Shade location.
  • Various small scene fixes.
  • Relinked missing dialogues for Lemm & Leg Eater.
  • Fixed various spelling/grammatical errors in Game Text
  • Restored Cloth event in Dirtmouth.
  • Fixed issue where dying in a dream with Joni’s Blessing equipped left you with 1 HP on waking up.
  • Fixed Issue with Dash Slash effects sometimes disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue where defeating Shade and quickly exiting scene didn’t restore Soul Orb.
  • Dream Pin and Bench Pin fixes for map.
  • Fixed Collector’s spawned creatures sometimes not dealing damage.
  • Fixed issue with Mantis Traitor battle becoming unbeatable.

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