• Minorex

    colosseum grid

    August 9, 2017 by Minorex

    trial of the warrior

    stage       #enemy types, #s      trigger  for next stage        environmental changes1shielded foolkill himnone22 shielded foolskill themnone32 sharp baldurskill themnone44 sharp baldurskill them5 platforms appear51 sturdy foolkill himplatforms dissapear62 sturdy foolskill themnone72 primal aspidskill them3 platforms appear82 sturdy foolskill a foolplatforms rearrange9+1 sturdy foolkill them allnone102 primal aspidskill oneplatforms rearrange into 3 rows of 4 ceiling lowers.111 sharp baldurkill onenone121 sharp baldurkill themnone134 vengeflieskill themplatforms rearrange to a single 2 piece platform141 vengefly king (can spawn vengeflies in sets of 2kill itnone152 sturdy foolskill onereturn to default colossuem161 sh…

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