This dump contains pieces of other pages I removed to incorporate later in other areas. Note that these are not my works.


The Radiance is the original ruler of Hallownest, connecting the inhabitants with a hive mind until the Pale King showed up and banished it. Over time, the Radiance was forgotten by the bugs of Hallownest, only a few being able to remember it, such as the Seer.

Vengeful over being forgotten, the Radiance infected the dreams of the residents of Hallownest, causing a terrible plague that made its victims stronger, but also drove them into a feral state, much like they used to be before the Pale King's arrival.

The Pale King attempted to keep the Radiance sealed by creating constructs of the Void, known as Vessels or Hollow Knights, to contain the plague. After many failed experiments, he thought he had succeeded, but in time, the Hollow Knight failed to keep the plague in check. He succumbed to the infection, which spread across Hallownest and led to its downfall.

Some time later, another Hollow Knight (the player), with the help of Hornet, was able to use the Dream Nail to reach the Radiance directly inside the previous Hollow Knight. They defeated the mad deity by dragging it into the Void at the price of their own life, putting an end to the Radiance and its plague once and for all.

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