Update May 21 2017: She is complete! Head on over to Damage Values and Enemy Health to check it out!

This page will be staying as a useful page of info for others.


This link is to an autosplitter plus a mod program (Hollow Knight Info.exe) that allows you to, among other things, view enemy HP. When enabled, if a player damages an enemy, their Geo counter will change to reflect the current HP of said enemy for a few seconds. This means, to know enemy health, you must do 3 things:

  1. Damage an enemy without killing it (this will not update your Geo-health number)
  2. Take note of the number in the Geo counter
  3. Add that number to the Damage Value of the attack you used to damage the enemy (see Damage Values for more info)

For example, say you have a basic Old Nail which, according to the Damage Values page, does 5 damage. You hit a Wandering Husk and see that the Geo counter reads 10. 10 + 5 = 15, which his how much health a Wandering Husk has.

Note that this program is not flawless and may be delayed or not show the value properly right away. Also, multi-hit moves may overlap and skew results. If you're not quite sure, either find another enemy of the same kind to hit or back out of the room/quit the game/die (for a boss) to reset their health and try again.


If, while playing through the game, you come across a value that seems different from the ones displayed on the tables, feel free to message me or add a comment stating so, and I will try to go back in and test the values myself. ONLY replace the values if you are completely certain they are incorrect.

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