Hunter's Journal

Intelligent being that guards the inner chamber of the Teacher's Archives.
The canyon below us, the one thick with fog and crackling with strange energy... a Hunter can lose their senses down there. Be careful... strange and unnatural things lurk there.


Behaviour and Tactics

Uumuu floats around the room, occasionally using one of two attacks:

  • Volt Overdrive: creates multiple simultaneous bursts of lightning in random locations around the arena.
  • Volt Focus: creates bursts of lightning at The Knight's location in quick succession. It is imperative to constantly keep moving as long as this attack is going on to avoid getting caught in the lightning.

Uumuu cannot be harmed normally, as its vulnerable core is protected by a membrane that deflects the player's attacks and shields it from Spells. However, after dodging attacks for a short time Quirrel will appear to help the Knight, leaping around the battlefield and occasionally popping Uumuu's shield. This will deflate Uumuu, leaving it open to attacks for a few seconds.

Although Uumuu may only have two attacks, they're both quite hard to dodge, and their pattern leaves few opportunities for healing. In addition, Uumuu's erratic movements and the very sparse opportunities for hitting it compared to its health pool result in a very drawn-out battle.



Get in as many hits as possible when Uumuu's shield is popped, and be prepared to dodge an attack right after. In desperate times, this can be an opportunity to heal instead. Avoid jumping in the water below a platform in the arena, as this greatly slows movement.

As with most boss fights, Quick Focus is highly recommended. SOUL-generating charms like Soul Catcher/Soul Eater, Kingsoul, and Grubsong are also very important in this fight, as chances to hit Uumuu and consequently to gather the SOUL needed for healing are quite rare. Great Slash and a Pure Nail are recommended in order to make short work of Uumuu.

Uumuu can be completely killed by using the Abyss Shriek three times with Shaman Stone allowing it to be beaten in one cycle given that enough SOUL has been gathered before the fight.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...DO NOT DESPAIR...
  • ...LIGHT...FOR...MONOMON...





The Uumuu fight is one of three fights in the game where an NPC aids the player, the other two are the Traitor Lord fight, where Cloth joins in, and the battle against The Hollow Knight, where Hornet helps defeat the boss.

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