Patriarch of a vengefly colony. Swoops at intruders and cries out for reinforcements if threatened.

A filthy creature that is happy to chew on any old thing it finds discarded on the cavern floor. When it notices a threat it will annoyingly scream and shriek, so kill it swiftly.


Behaviour & Tactics

The Vengefly King has two attacks:

  • Dash: Opens its jaw and swoops at The Knight in a wide 'U' shape.
  • Summoning Scream: Emits a screech, bringing 1-3 Vengeflies into the fight.

If it opens its mouth to Swipe, wait until it starts moving. Jump over it as it approaches. Either perform a downward slash to get in some damage or simply avoid it.

When it summons normal Vengeflies, kill them as quickly as possible. The longer they're around, the more difficult dodging the King Vengefly will become, and they provide an easy way to get SOUL.

There is enough time to heal immediately after dodging a Swipe attack.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Rage...
  • ...Defend...Kill...
  • ...Light...



  • If the player decides not to rescue Zote, then they will miss out on fighting the Vengefly king in Greenpath and receive the "Neglect" achievement. However, the Hunter's Journal entry can still be completed when one is fought in the Trial of Warriors.