Conjure a spirit that will fly forward and burn foes in its path.
The spirit requires SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL.


Press FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST without holding UP or DOWN to launch a projectile that passes through enemies and deals damage. The projectile will pass through invulnerable parts of an enemy, such as a shield or shell, but will not damage a fully protected enemy.

Before the player has acquired any other Spells, Vengeful Spirit will cast regardless of the direction being held.

How to Acquire

It is given by the Snail Shaman located in the Ancestral Mound in the Forgotten Crossroads.


  • Flukenest turns the Vengeful Spirit into a horde of baby flukes that bounce around dealing damage.
    • When combined with Defender's Crest, launches a single large fluke that explodes into a damage-dealing cloud of gas.
  • Shaman Stone increases the damage dealt by Vengeful Spirit by 33%.


It can be upgraded into Shade Soul at the Soul Sanctum. See more on Shade Soul.

Game Progress

With the Vengeful Spirit spell, the player can kill the Elder Baldur blocking the way to Greenpath. This is the only way the player can progress through to the rest of the game.


Interestingly, the game files refer to this spell as "Fireball":

"A desire for revenge is seared into the SOUL of those who fell in battle or were wronged in life. A Shaman can concentrate this desire and cast it out into the world to burn away whatever stands before them."

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