''Fragment of a white vessel made to contain soul.''

''Collect more to form a full vessel, allowing you to carry more soul.''

Vessel Fragment


Vessel Fragments are parts of Soul Vessels. 3 Vessel Fragments complete a Soul Vessel and increases the Knight's maximum SOUL by 33%. When the main soul meter has empty space, any SOUL stored in the Vessels will automatically fill up the main meter after a short delay.

It's important to note that, while each Soul Vessel grants 33% more SOUL to use, the amount of SOUL it takes to fill each Vessel is actually 66%. Because of this, if a player is in a long fight and is constantly gaining SOUL to use for Spells or Focus, it is better to use the main meter as soon as possible, as there is a delay between running out of SOUL in the main meter and having it be refilled by the Soul Vessels.

With a total of 9 Vessel Fragments in the game, the Knight can acquire 3 Soul Vessels, doubling the maximum amount of SOUL they can carry.



There is a total of 9 Vessel Fragments to be found in the game:

Source Conditions / Requirements
1. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo550
2. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo900 Requires Shopkeeper's Key
3. Found in Greenpath near the unaccessible Queen's Gardens entrance
4. Left of the elevator in Forgotten Crossroads Requires unlocking the elevator in City of Tears
5. Found above King's Station near an elevator
6. Found in Deepnest above the working tram
7. Found at the end of Stag Nest Requires unlocking all Stag Stations
8. Given by the Seer Requires collecting 700 Essence
9. Found in the fountain in Ancient Basin Requires "donating" Geo3000 into the fountain

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