Hunter's Journal

Maddened by massive infection. Charges at enemies with no thought for its own preservation.
The bugs of Hallownest were twisted out of shape by that ancient sickness. First they fell into deep slumber, then they awoke with broken minds, and then their bodies started to deform...


Behaviour and Tactics

Wanders back and forth like the Wandering Husk. When The Knight comes in range, it charges towards them, continuing without stopping or changing direction, until it hits the Knight or a wall, or dies from an attack or the environment. The explosion deals two masks of damage.

Considering its straightforward behaviour, it's best to simply move away from any walls and avoid it, as it will kill itself. Alternatively, the player can attempt to bait it into exploding near other enemies.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...BRIGHT...
  • ...HOT...BURNING...
  • ...NO MORE DARK..
  • ...LIGHT RISING...


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