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Figment of an obsessed mind. Deals poorly with the pressure of existing and quickly explodes.

"The Grey Prince was a wanderer by nature, but she could not bear to be seperated from him. So she devised a plan to make sure that she and her prince would be together always. She only had to wait for her chance."

- 'The Grey Prince' Chapter 205



Behaviour and Tactics

The Volatile Zoteling floats in the air before exploding, dealing two masks of damage.

To get the Hunter's Journal entry you need to kill it and defeat Grey Prince Zote in the first battle it appears in, instead of just killing it.

This enemy appears in Battle 3 and onwards.

To complete the entry for the Hunter's Journal, the player needs to simply beat the Boss in Battle 3 regardless of whether this enemy appears or not.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • She's so beautiful!
  • She's so talented!
  • She'll never be lonely!