Hunter's Journal

Discarded shell of a Watcher Knight, re-animated by a swarm of infected flies.
When these silent warriors fall in battle, their bodies split open and strange bugs come flying out. I wonder, what will come flying out of me when I die? Will my hopes and fears drifts away into the darkness?



The Watcher Knights have three attacks:

  • Watchful Slash: The Knight swings its massive Nail twice in succession.
  • Rolling Crusher: Curls up into a ball and spin-charges The Knight.
  • Bouncing Crusher: Curls up into a ball and jumps several times while spinning.



Since the Watcher Knights attack in groups (there are 6 of them in total), it's best to not get cornered by them. It's best to jump above them and hit them from the air, as their spin jump is their only counter to aerial attacks.

Since they have fast attacks, Quick Focus is highly recommended for this fight. Another tactic is using Lifeblood Charms for a health boost, and Stalwart Shell to increase invincibility time, then damage-race the Knights down while face-tanking their attacks.

Directly left of the arena there is a breakable ceiling (accessible via Mantis Claw) which reveals a secret area containing the anchoring of a chandelier. Striking it with the Nail will drop the chandelier, crushing one of the corpses below and permanently reducing the amount of reanimated Knights from 6 to 5.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Defend...Seal...
  • Light...Full...
  • ...Strong husk...




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