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Figure from a fondly remembered past. Reacts gallantly to defeat by becoming stronger.

The Champion's Call, the Knotted Grove, the Battle of the Blackwyrm... I remember it all. I will carry those glories with me always... until we meet again.

- Ogrim of the Five Knights


A Dream Boss version of the Dung Defender, inside of his memory of Hallownest’s grand court long in the past. To access him, the player must have defeated Dung Defender and all three Dreamers.

He can be fought up to a maximum of five times, but after each victory he will deal an additional mask of damage (one mask after first victory, two masks after second, etc.)


Behaviour and Tactics

The White Defender's attacks are stronger versions of the Dung Defender's moves, along with a few new ones:

  • Dung Toss: Conjures two to three balls of dung that he throws out after one another that bounce around in the boss arena for a short while.
  • Bouncing Beetle: Curls into a ball and bounce around, usually along with the two balls of dung.
  • Dung Eruption: Sinks into the ground, moving around underground reemerging and tossing five balls of dung on either side that break upon contact.
  • Dung Quake: Launches into the ground, causing tall pillars of dung to rise up across both sides of the point of impact, before reemerging and tossing five balls of dung on either side that break upon contact.
  • Dung Leap: Dives up and down through the ground as though it were water, moving back and forth across the stage and dealing contact damage.
  • Dung Slam: Jabs a claw into the ground, creating two massive pillars of dung on either side of him.
  • Zeal: Once enough damage is done to him, he will perform a battle cry before performing Dung Eruption five times in succession. After this, he performs all of his attacks at a faster pace.

For damage output, Nail-based Charms work very well; Fragile Strength, Quick Slash and Mark of Pride/Longnail help immensely.

As with the other Dream Bosses, the Knight does not die when they lose all their health during this battle, but simply wakes up next to the Dung Defender. This means that Fragile Strength and Fragile Heart can be used continually without breaking.

A good healing opportunity is in the left corner due to his attacks almost never reaching there.



First Defeat

My friends... I will protect our dear Kingdom. Have faith in me!

We will all meet again. I promise it...

Second Defeat

My King... I believe in you. I believe in Hallownest! My devotion will never falter...

Third Defeat

My King... Hallownest will be reborn! Glorious and bright! Just as it always was...

Fourth Defeat

My King... We will all be together once more...

Fifth Defeat

How funny that I see you in my dreams too, little one. Your noble bearing reminds me of our dear King. When he returns, I'll ask him if you can become a Knight! What jolly adventures we will have...

Dream Nailed

  • Hegemol... I miss your humour...
  • Ze'mer... I miss your stories...
  • Dryya... I miss your wisdom...
  • Isma... I miss.. I miss you...
  • Your Majesty... Have faith in me!


889617082 preview White Defender Location

Use Desolate Dive/Descending Dark on the floor at the far right end of his boss room directly underneath the floating platform to access a hidden room beneath. Here the player will find the Defender sleeping in the room on the left. Use the Dream Nail on him to enter the dream and initiate combat.


  • In the background of the arena, the white silhouettes of the Great Knights (minus Ogrim) and The Pale King can be seen in this order: Hegemol, Ze'mer, Dryya, Isma, and the Pale King.
Knight Silhouettes
  • The White Defender can be beaten a total of 5 times on each save file.
  • Upon defeat, the White Defender will reach toward the silhouettes as they dissolve before hanging his head dejectedly. This implies that Ogrim struggles with feeling accepted or equal to the other Great Knights.
  • With the Hidden Dreams update, White Defender appearing in white armour implies that all five of the Great Knights most likely dressed in white while serving the King.