A root-like NPC found in the northwest part of the Queen's Gardens inside a cocoon-like dwelling. Outside this structure is the corpse of Dryya.

After talking to her, she gifts The Knight one half of the Kingsoul.

It is presumed that she is the Queen of Hallownest, due to her location, dialogue and context clues in and out of the game (see Trivia).




First Encounter
Oh! One arrives. Far it walks to find me. Did it seek my aid? Or did the path carry it by chance to so pertinant a place? It is true. True, that you were awaited. No. Perhaps that is inaccurate. True one like you was awaited. I have a gift, held long for one of your kind. Half of a whole. When united, great power is granted, and on the path ahead, great power it will need.


Talk again
Prepare well, but don't dally. Were the Vessel to break prematurely, that plague would unleash with rage and power built of ages chained.


Within my roots, the weakening of the Vessel I plainly feel. Only two obvious outcomes there are from such a thing. The first is inevitable on current course, regression, all minds relinquished to that pernicious plague. The second I find preferable, and would seek your aid in its occurrence, replacement. I implore you, usurp the Vessel. Its supposed strength was ill-judged. It was tarnished by an idea instilled. But you. You are free of such blemishes. You could contain that thing inside.

I'll offer fair warning. The Vessel may itself be weak, but it is much empowered by that force within. To claim its role requires strength of some magnitude. Prepare yourself well before attempting the task.

Do I seem prisoner here? If so, it's not by any choice but my own. These bindings about me, I've chosen to erect. There is some shame I feel from my own part in the deed, and this method guarantees it cease. I still feel that urge you see. I always will. A voracious desire to spread seeds upon the land, to propogate myself, to breed.

Having met Hornet

It faced the Gendered Child? She's a fierce foe, strong in mind and body, striking reflection of her mother, though the two were permitted little time together. I never begrudged the Wyrm's dalliance as bargain. In fact, I feel some affection for the creature birthed. If your paths were ever to align, I imagine you might gain yourself a powerful ally.

After acquiring Kingsoul
Ahh! So it bears our once-fractured soul, now complete. Such strength, such resolve, such dedication! Is it more than simply a Vessel? I almost feel like I'm once again in the presence of my beloved Wyrm. The Kingsoul... What is at the heart of it I wonder? If its curiosity wills it, it should seek out that place. That place where it was born, where it died, where it began...


After acquiring Void Heart
That pulsing emptiness... Truly, it has been transformed by the revelations it found. Does it... feel anything? Triumph? Or hate? If it does, I cannot sense it. The fate of our Kingdom, our Hallownest... that future belongs to you now.


When wearing Defender's Crest

...That scent. Does another travel with you? Is that you Ogrim, my mighty Knight? I cannot see you, but then time has clouded my eyes and I cannot see much. Even your booming voice falls silent upon me. Only this small one I register, if maybe because it shares some piece of myself. This one stands clear upon a misted world. Ah.... But my my, that potent smell does recall such joyous memory. Only a short moment we had together, compared to ruin now endured, but what shining times they were. I am grateful you would visit, even if to see me in somewhat faded form.

Dear Ogrim, I'm sure you saw Dryya on the way in? She's stood guard over me for so long. Despite her hard front, she's always been a caring type. I'm sure she'll much enjoy a Knights' reunion.

While wearing Grimmchild

Ahh, that creature beside. It would be naive to claim it friend, though you two share a... similarity? It is a distant link, one words would strain to convey.For it to cling to you now... You've been consumed in the ritual of that scarlet clan.In what poor moment they descend upon our ruin. Aid their propagation, if you so choose, but do not renege on the larger task this kingdom implores.

While wearing Grimmchild in its final phase

Your companion's eyes burn with a familiar flame... Success then for the scarlet heart, and irony, to use my spawn to grow its own.I know you creature, and the form time shall bring. You may be all and one, clan and master, but this land shall never bear so foreign a king.

Dream Nailed
So it can access a mind? Then the seals shall break before its blade.



  • The White Lady appears to be immortal, or at least capable of extreme longevity, as she has remained bound inside the structure since before the fall of Hallownest.
  • The White Lady is most likely the Queen of Hallownest. Evidence pointing to this are the following:
    1. In a Kickstarter update, detail about a Great Knight mentions the Queen: "...She was driven mad by her Queen lost and the garden overrun." It is clear that the Knight in question defended the Queen, who later died. In the game, the White Lady does not seem to be aware of the Knight's passing: "I'm sure you saw Dryya on the way in? She's stood guard over me for so long. Despite her hard front, she's always been a caring type. I'm sure she'll much enjoy a Knights' reunion."
    2. The White Lady's dialogue mentions a dalliance (a standard sexual relationship) with the Wyrm, which we know is the King of Hallownest.
    3. In the game files, the White Lady is referred to as "Queen".
    4. She gifts one half of the Kingsoul, a "holy charm symbolising a union between higher beings". The other half is acquired from the Pale King's corpse within the White Palace.
    5. A room in the White Palace holds a throne-like chair with the imprint of a tree that strongly resembles the White Lady's body.

6. In the youtube video on the channel of team cherry: "Hollow Knight: A Weird And Wonderful World Trailer", early footage of the gruzz mother fight was shown, with in the background, a statue depicting the pale king standing next to the white lady, who is also standing next to a broken statue, implying that early on in development, the white lady was already meant to the queen of hallownest