Area White Palace

The White Palace is accessible through obtaining the Awoken Dream Nail and using it on the corpse of a Kingsmould in the Palace Grounds in the Ancient Basin. Once the home of the Pale King, at an unknown point the Palace, according to the Relic Seeker, vanished.

The White Palace is a platforming challenge, however completing this area is only required for 100% runs and to unlock the true final boss of the game.

Points of Interest



Enemies Enemies Boss
Kingsmould Wingmould None
Royal Retainer


  • There are several hidden platforming skips that the player may use, however, some of these have been patched out.
  • The White Palace contains sets of difficult platforming sections, therefore it is advised to use a good combination of Charms:
    • Hiveblood: allows the player to wait out healing between platforming sections if damaged
    • Longnail/Mark of Pride: they provide a bigger window for the player to nail-pogo on top of saw blades
    • Deep Focus: allows the player to heal double, albeit half as slow
    • Grubsong: provides a good amount of SOUL for taking damage. Taking damage twice with Grubsong on is enough for a heal. Combined with Deep Focus, the player can fully negate damage taken if they heal after every second time they take damage, allowing them to retry the challenge indefinitely. (Edit: Grubsong no longer gives enough soul to heal after taking damage twice, thus, players can no longer retry the challenge indefinitely)

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