Willoh is a long-necked bug found in the Queen's Station, feasting on mushrooms in one of the broken-down Stag Stations.



First encounter

Oh! Come in search of treats have you? I chanced upon a unique little fungus growing right above us. I've found it only in this station and the taste is just divine.

Talking while her head is down This place must once have been quite the hub, built at the border between two lands, that misty drop to one side and those bulbous growths another.  Neither place seems particularly welcoming so while my little treats last, I think I'll stay right here.

Talking again:

Feel free to stop by anytime. Though I do like the quiet in this station, a little company is always good for one's health.

Mmmmmm, just splendid.

Talking to her from above Mmmf, delicious.

Dream Nail

This little creature looks tasty. I wonder, should I eat it? The others around here were awfully bland.


  • The Dream Nail reveals that she has killed and eaten some bugs around the area. There is a hidden platform above her head that requires Monarch Wings. A corpse up there reveals the following dialogue: "... Not ... Food...".

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