Hunter's Journal

Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Executed for crimes against the King.
A life defined by tragedy and triumph. A death marred by sorrow and regret. A spirit burdened by sins and memories. Better to wander the world than be cursed with glory.




Behaviour and Tactics

Xero initially spawns 2 nails of light that shoot at The Knight but will not track them once set in motion.

After several seconds the nails return to Xero. Be careful as they deal damage on the way back as well.

Once enough damage is dealt to Xero, he spawns four nails and fire two in quick succession with every attack.

If the player stands slightly away from Xero when they fire their nail, then dashes to directly below them in the first phase, the nail can be easily avoided.

The player can heal easily by running off the platform and to the far left of the area, where Xero's attacks will not reach.




First encounter
Stop there! Those who try to leave this kingdom are cursed. Better to rest here, until time itself sleeps.
Hope, and freedom... I thought that strength alone could grant me these things. In my dreams, I would cut that plague with my nails, and then I turned my weapons upon the King.
When I awoke in this sacred place, I began to understand. Those who hope...are already doomed.
Do you still hope, wanderer? Will you flee? Or will you raise your weapon and doom us both?


Upon defeat
Ah... I can see now. Those who turn against the King are doomed as soon as they raise their weapon.
Do not call me a traitor... Simply call me a fool.
I know you will not flee. Wherever you go... I will be watching.


Upon inspecting remains
Cursed are those who turn against the King.





  • Xero comments that he thought strength would grant him freedom, and mentions dreams of cutting the plague with his nails. This suggests that his rebellion against the King may have been orchestrated by the Radiance, by manipulating his dreams and granting one great strength in return for one's will.